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About Laurie


Laurie’s obsession with horses and riding began at two years of age on a rocking horse in her parents’ basement. At eight years old, Laurie began riding at a local hunt seat riding academy and in high school turned to junior jumpers. Laurie was later drawn to the challenge of dressage by beginning her education with Lori Shoup and Nancy Polozker.


In 1991, Laurie began a 10 year apprenticeship with Paul Belasik. She was fortunate enough to be able to practice Grand Prix movements early in her career under his tutelage. As assistant trainer, she broke an average of five young horses a year in addition to the schooling of horses from training level to Grand Prix. It was during this time period that Laurie took his Andalusian stallion, Excelso from backing him as a young horse all the way to Grand Prix.


Laurie is featured in Dressage for the 21st Century by Paul Belasik. She also produced, edited and marketed a series of audio tapes. In 2001 Laurie struck out entirely on her own teaching and training, specializing in young horses while helping people at all levels. One of the great indicators of Laurie’s success is the loyalty and longevity of her clients.  “I really do love to teach. I find working with other people and their horses inspires my own riding as well as gaining quite a few lasting friendships.”


Laurie’s real passion lies in the journey of training a horse. Inspired by the old classical masters, she bases her approach on the true classical style stressing solid basics instead of quick fixes. Working with Arthur Kottas, former chief rider of the Spanish Riding School, solidified her convictions. This systematic and excellent foundation is the basis of her teaching. Though competing is not her sole ambition, she does genuinely enjoy the effort."Among other things, competition is a test to one's daily training. After each class, I'm eager to get back in the ring again and make it better."


In 2004 Laurie purchased Ramora, a very special Dutch mare (Jazz x Saluut) who was the highest scoring in North America (based on her inspection scores). The following year, with a generous sponsorship from Vince Fevola, Laurie and Ramora won the Second Level Championship at Wellington, Florida's 2005 Palm Beach Derby in good company. In 2014 Laurie received her USDF Gold Medal aboard Ramora.


Laurie's past trainers include Cathy Morelli and Pierre St. Jacques.


She currently resides in Oro Valley, AZ and is available for training and teaching.

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