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Training and teaching available in the Tucson, Area

Laurie enjoys an unusual and unmatched devotion from her dressage students. After a few lessons you will discover the reasons for this.  Laurie takes every client seriously and believes in approaching everyone's ability and everyone's horse with a non-judgmental attitude.  She shows her respect for her clients by taking the time with them and helping them to completely understand what they are doing.   She keeps the goal in mind that the student would develop autonomy; the ability to ride well outside of their lessons.  She wants her students to develop into thinking riders - not just "puppets."  Laurie's enthusiasm is a natural outgrowth of her love for teaching and it becomes a motivator for her students, both novice and advanced.  Her accepting and encouraging manner creates a powerful and effective atmosphere for learning and developing in dressage riding.




Laurie has a strong history of training in her career at her previous facility in Bucks County Pennsylvania, where several top breeders put their young horses in training with Laurie Jolliffe.  This is because there are few trainers available who have the understanding and experience of advanced dressage, as well as a patient and sympathetic approach needed for the training of a young horse. Laurie is willing to start with an unbroken horse (depending on temperament) and take it through a positive experience over a several month period where it learns confidence, balance, submission and the basic idea of contact.  Her patient and sympathetic approach involves taking the time to do ground work and allowing the horse to learn important basics on the longe line.  Laurie believes that breaking should be a process, not a traumatic event, and that the horse's first few months under saddle is a very important building block for the horse's career.


Laurie has a special way of relating to both horses and people that compels them to both enjoy and respect her.  As a trainer, Laurie is a patient, persistent and focused rider that knows how to find a peaceful road to improvement for the horse's athletic career.  As an instructor, Laurie has a patient yet thoughtful and articulate way of helping her students get to the next level. 


Laurie will also work with the more advanced horse, specializing in suppleness and throughness while enhancing the quality of the horse's lateral work, flying changes of lead and collection.  Working with upper level horses for the past 15 years has shown her the importance of approaching each horse as an individual, taking time in the daily schooling with a calm approach through systematic exercises without "drilling" the horse.   Contact Laurie to inquire about opportunities to advance your horse's dressage training.




In all of her teaching, both at home and in clinics, Laurie strongly emphasizes the importance of a correct seat and position in her lessons and finds ways to help the student achieve this goal while advancing the horse's training.   Laurie's clients discover a sympathetic, systematic and detail oriented approach that avoids confrontation and conflict.  Laurie emphasizes lightness and harmony and the use of effective and strategic gymnastic exercises to bring about improvement.  Her tireless devotion to her students and her willingness to explain everything clearly sets her apart in this industry.  Whether she needs to ride the horse for a portion of the time or patiently explain and coach through the entire session, her students come away with a positive experience and a clear understanding of the process. 


Laurie is available for clinics by booking (preferably) one month in advance. Lessons are scheduled to average 45 minutes and auditors are permitted. For daily/weekend rate and travel expense quote, please contact Laurie directly.




Do you or your horse need to get out to some shows? Whether you have a horse you would like to compete, or need some show mileage for yourself, contact Laurie to see if her offerings can match your needs.  She is available for coaching at certain shows throughout the year.

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